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Welcome to the community section of our website. Here you can keep up to date about health related events and services in the Huon. As well as learn about new team and services here at CFP

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Shared Medical Appointments are back at CFP

Cygnet Family Practice is excited to announce that Shared Medical Appointments will recommence on Thursdays, from September 30th 2021 at 3pm-4:30pm. The first of four weekly sessions will be face to face and then the weekly sessions will be via teleconference from the comfort of your own home! We can help with setting you up to

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Covid immunisation recommended for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a crucial time in any woman’s life (and of course, their family, partners and children). Many changes happen in pregnancy, including a weakening of the immune system. Key points• If you are pregnant you are a priority for COVID-19 vaccination and should be routinelyoffered Pfizer or Moderna at any stage of pregnancy.• If

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Are low carb diets the answer?

Dr Simon McCluskey recently gave a talk at the Cygnet Family Practice on low-carb diets. He considers that the evidence shows that these diets are not really effective over time. The evidence shows that eating a wide variety of foods, especially plant-based foods, is best for us humans. Certainly avoiding packaged foods, which all have

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CFP welcomes another medical student

Welcome Solveig Herb 3rd Year Medical Student  University of Tasmania Solveig will be working with us from 5th of July until the 16th of July Cygnet Family Practice enjoys and supports the education of medical and nursing students. National evidence shows clearly that the best way to get doctors and other health professionals to work

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CFP, community involvement and health training

Working in general practice means being part of a community. Kerrie took Abigail to our local CWA group to see how belonging to a group is great for our health and well-being, It prevents social isolation, forms friendships and improves our skills. We also took some of their cooking back to our practice for morning

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CFP and training the next generation of health professionals

We welcomed Abigail Neville, a 3rd year Medical Student, for a 2 week placement in April. Kerrie took her out to Duggans to help with the Flu vaccination clinic. We regularly have medical and nursing students and offer a great experience for them in an holistic GP rural community practice. Evidence shows that this sort

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Covid-19 Vaccination concerns

For adults 50 years and over, the choice of having another option of a vaccine against COVID-19 is months away. Expert medical advice is clear that the benefit of receiving the Astra Zeneca vaccination greatly outweighs the risk of the rare but serious side-effect of blood clotting. The risk of having a blood clot after

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Benefits of vaccination

Vaccination against COVID-19 remains the best way to prevent severe illness and death from COVID-19. There are also other important community benefits such as promoting herd immunity, which is the only way to protect those individuals who cannot have the vaccine. Developing sufficient herd immunity will also reduce the development of variants. The risk of

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COVID 19 Vaccination Rollout

In Tasmania we have had little COVID 19 disease so far, but it is highly infectious. Our health experts recommend the vaccine as our best protection. We are now able to immunise those 50 years and older. Our next clinic is this coming Saturday. Book online by selecting the appointment type COVID 19 dose 1, or

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Flu vaccinations are now available at Cygnet Family Practice

There must be at least 2 weeks between flu vaccination and covid 19 vaccination Our COVID 19 Vaccination Clinics are available every second Saturday from 10am – 1pm: May 8, May 30, June 6.Our service is open to all people regardless of which general practice you attend.You need to have 2 weeks between the influenza

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Interesting in learning more about our health services?

HERE AT CFP WE HAVE HEALTH PRACTITIONERS WHO WORK TOGETHER TO PROVIDE A MORE COMPREHENSIVE AND TARGETED APPROACH TO YOUR HEALTH NEEDS. We believe that the health care needs of our patients are better met by providing a comprehensive initial assessment and systematic approach to treatment. We promote and value shared decision making between the patient and the practitioner and we believe the patient and the practitioner are equal partners in the health and wellbeing solution. We also incorporate kindness and compassion as part of a patient treatment plan. We support and empower patients to make the choices that allow them to look after their own wellbeing.
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Flu Vaccination Program

In line with the Governments winter program objective of maximising flu vaccination this winter, the Tasmanian Government will provide flu vaccinations free for 31 days.

The program will run from Monday 6 June until the 31st July 2022.

Please call us on 62951460 or book online.