Are you prepared if you get COVID 19?

Now is the time to prepare.

You will need:

RAT x5 (sometimes you are negative for a few days in the early part of the disease), if unwell and negative – still stay at home and book

an appointment with our nurse practitioner or doctors.

Keep up-to-date on testing options, testing clinic locations and opening hours at 

When you have a positive RAT result, you are advised to isolate, to notify your close contacts and to register your result on the coronavirus website at 

Healthy foods in the freezer in easy to heat up packs – suggestions soups and hotpots/casseroles 

Chocolate – it can’t hurt 🙂

Paracetemol or neurofen (check with your nurse practitioner or GP if you are on other medications)

A friend who you can phone each day to check in with if living alone and cheer you up

A friend who can shop for you and cheer you up

Register with COVID at home program –  google Covid at home Tasmania or go to,19%20support%20for%20more%20information.

 Call us as your general practice or the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738 for any questions or concerns.

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