Type of Appointment Private Fee Rebate Out of Pocket
Standard appointment $91.00 $41.20 $49.80
Long appointment $136.00 $79.70 $56.30
Extended appointment $181.00 $117.40 $63.60

Nurse Practitioner

Type of AppointmentPrivate FeeRebateOut of Pocket
Standard appointment$69.35$19.55$49.80
Long appointment$93.30$37.00$56.30
Extended appointment$118.20$54.60$63.60

Urgent and After-Hours Service


Type of AppointmentPrivate FeeRebateOut of Pocket
Standard appointment$94.55$19.55$75.00
Long appointment$122.00$37.00$85.00
Extended appointment$144.60$54.60$90.00

Registered Nurses

For visits less than 15 minutes in duration, the fee is $15. While visits longer than this are charged at $25. There is no Medicare fee for this service.

Bulk Billing Available for

Pensioners, Health Care Card Holders and Children whose parents have a Health Care Card or Pension.

Card Surcharges

Other card types such as American Express are not accepted at this time.

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