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Influenza season

The influenza season has started with over 10,000 cases nationwide so far. We have not had a case of influenza in Tasmania since April 2020. This is because of hand washing and social distancing during COVID for the past 2 years many will have never been exposed to influenza nor have been vaccinated previously.  Influenza vaccine …

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Myth Busters! – Part 2

Myth #2 Consults in general practice are free. Busted: Sorry, they are not. General practice appointments are subsidised by Medicare. Having an appointment with our health practitioners, whether face to face, or by telephone or video, needs to be paid for on the day of the appointment. Follow up calls for accounts will incur a …

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Myth Busters! Part 1

Myth #1 Appointments for follow up results will be bulk billed. Busted: Appointments to discuss results are not always bulk billed and depend on the time taken to discuss. Our policy is “if it is important and serious enough to have a pathology test or medical imaging test, we believe it is important to discuss …

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Flu Vaccination Program

In line with the Governments winter program objective of maximising flu vaccination this winter, the Tasmanian Government will provide flu vaccinations free for 31 days.

The program will run from Monday 6 June until Wednesday 6 July.

Please call us on 62951460 or book online.