The following information is copied from a notice provided to us from the Director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch on the 31st January, 2019.

Dense smoke from bushfires is predicted to continue to affect Cygnet and surrounding areas, as well as communities under direct threat of bushfire, for several more weeks.

These smoke levels can cause serious health impacts – particularly in vulnerable people with medical conditions.

Exposure to high levels of smoke can cause complications in vulnerable people that requires hospital care and even trigger fatal health conditions.

The conditions most affected by smoke include heart and lung diseases, including asthma and emphysema, and other chronic diseases such as diabetes. Elderly persons (people aged 65 and above), young children (aged five and under) and pregnant women are also at increased risk.

Public Health Services strongly advises anyone in the Cygnet and surrounding areas who is vulnerable to smoke to leave the area to minimise their exposure.

You risk serious health harm by staying in these conditions.

Bushfire smoke is harmful and can trigger fatal health conditions. Acting to reduce your exposure to smoke will reduce your chances of becoming seriously ill.

People vulnerable to smoke should leave for a place with cleaner air. This may mean staying with friends or family away from areas most affected by bushfire smoke.

The Kingborough Sports Centre in Kingston View Drive, Kingston is available as a smoke refuge for people living in the Cygnet area who need respite from the smoky conditions.

People will be able to stay at the refuge overnight if needed. Anyone planning to stay overnight should bring bedding, including a camp stretcher or mattress where possible. Car parking is available.

People should also bring their medications, phone and device chargers, spare clothes, toiletries and any other items they require for their own care.

Anyone requiring further information should contact 6211 8200.

A bus will be provided today to assist people with transport from Cygnet to the refuge if they are unable to access their own transport. The bus will leave from 14 Mary St (outside the Old Cygnet Town Hall) at 10am and 2pm. Transport arrangements will be reviewed after today.

Transport registration forms will be on the bus for people who present directly to the vehicle.

Inquiries regarding the bus service can be made to Community Transport Services Tasmania on 6208 8500.

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