Australian College of Nurse Practitioners

“Health Consumers Tasmania’s CEO Bruce Levett attending the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners, Tasmanian Chapter Nursing Symposium. “…then… “Bruce participated in the discussion panel representing consumers and how access to health care services can be increased by using innovative nurse practitioner models.”

We are a new health consumer organisation for Tasmania. Our aim is to provide an independent and credible health consumer voice into the Tasmanian health system.

We will ensure the consumer voice is inclusive of all sectors and groups across the health system to build and articulate a longer-term vision of what the community would like from their health system and to ensure all Tasmanians can have access to it.

“Nurse Practitioners provide an important service to the community and form an important component of community based primary health care and can go a long way to meet the needs and expectations of the local community in health care”. Bruce Levett CEO Health Consumers Tasmania  

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