Covid-19 Vaccination concerns

For adults 50 years and over, the choice of having another option of a vaccine against COVID-19 is months away.

Expert medical advice is clear that the benefit of receiving the Astra Zeneca vaccination greatly outweighs the risk of the rare but serious side-effect of blood clotting. The risk of having a blood clot after your second dose of Astra Zeneca vaccine is 1.7 per million.

We are rapidly approaching the winter months and we know from experience last year and from observations internationally about the effects of COVID-19 during winter. While we are presently COVID-19 free in Tasmania, we see how contagious the disease is on the mainland and internationally, especially with the current outbreak in Melbourne with the new, more transmissible Indian variant.

We know that is hard to make a decision about having the vaccine. Please book an appointment with one of our health practitioners if you would like to discuss any concerns. We will continue to give you updates as we receive them. 

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