Nurse Practitioners

Currently, we have exciting opportunities for additional health practitioners to join our expanding, privately owned practice.

A position is available now for a full-time Nurse Practitioner with experience in general practice, emergency nursing and chronic disease management.

You will not work alone. Our team members are highly skilled, experienced, and inclusive.

A wide variety of personalities and presentations makes for a rewarding personal and clinical experience on any day at Cygnet Family Practice.

We love learning and teaching. Continue and develop your career with Cygnet Family Practice and help influence the future in an innovative general practice.

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Flu Vaccination Program

In line with the Governments winter program objective of maximising flu vaccination this winter, the Tasmanian Government will provide flu vaccinations free for 31 days.

The program will run from Monday 6 June until the 31st July 2022.

Please call us on 62951460 or book online.